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Monday, April 30, 2012

Relationship advice comes from Romance, I love to live it..

This Thursday past, was a dark, gloomy, cold south central Michigan day.   The kind of day that lends itself to being down and depressed, no beautiful sunrises or sunsets to mark the day.   I watched out the window as the north wind whipped my flag at the waters edge, white caps facing up towards the house...  No quiet romantic canoe ride on a lake of glass...  My lake this day, not one that could spin a  romantic note per say but reminiscent of the "Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald" with the Cat Stevens melody a musical backdrop, all the things that could spawn a romantic moment with my lady, not a possibility and she just moments from arriving.   I need to find a plan "B" to grace some of the free time which being single parents, can be totally limited.

I have started dinner, I love to cook especially for my lady, planned the menu and have all the timing in my head, so all comes off to perfection, my alter ego, "Chef Willy" isn't by accident.  But still what can I do to take this time and make it special for her, to show her how so I love our quality moments alone, how special she is to me, to put a smile in her heart and a moment to remember and hopefully cherish.

Through out all aspects of life there are moments that are less than stellar, are not what we want or desire, of those times reversing them and finding the silver lining is the only fashion that should be had...  Taking the bad and making good, "glass half full, not half empty"...   This mantra one I try and live my life on, needs to show me the way this day.

Well the light bulb finally kicks in as I am standing in the living room and my eyes finally focus on my Plan "B"...  The fireplace, this time of year I usually pay it no mind, because it is warm out, but hey this is the ticket I need today.  Quickly I go out and grab some wood, get a fire going, grab some candles, spread them around the room and light them, then the finishing touches, open a bottle Chianti, definitely goes with the Italian food I am cooking and get some "Savage Garden" ready on the stereo.  Throw pillows in front of the fireplace and the moment is set, and none to soon as I see her car pull into the driveway.

This lady is very special, funny, face book brought us together and was the ice breaker that spawned this relationship.  Thank you Tim Jones for the relationship advise years ago, about joining face book, it is such a fantastic catilyst for friendships and relationships alike..

Oh, how did the evening go???   Well lets say she was quite taken back, eyes sparkling and a smile that wouldn't go away.  A silver lining on a gloomy day, that turned gray skies into moments that touched a heart. 

Special simple things and times are the ones that are remembered most..

Thanks for letting me share and you stopping by, it doesn't take much to touch a heart, even a simple text, can warm and help grow a relationship. 

Till next time my friends, I hope you enjoyed this post and subscribe to my RSS feed, you can over to the right, plus if you would please leave comments or share on your social media....  Have a great day, smiles from your bud on the southern shores of the lake they call Ackerson..

Peace Y'all

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