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Saturday, April 7, 2012

What do Men Want in a Woman

Hard to figure at times what men in general want from a relationship... What is the type of woman who can lock them up for good, take away the desire to wander... What do men want? Other than the woman that will jump when a "samich and a beer" is demanded... Hey I am saying that tongue and cheek...

If I demanded that from my lady, I know the look I would get and the probable response... So in my own house, fear would rule out ever making such a demand... But there are subtle ways that the "samich and beer" would arrive on location without chauvinistic under tones.. The "How's" on that statement will be left for another post, of which should be in the rather near future.

Of course the old vanguard thought process, that a woman is there to wait on their significant other, hand and foot, might generationally hold credence in some circles in the want process category. Personally I can say that is inviting, but logic tells me in truth at least in my life experience that "that dog won't hunt"...

Then of course there is definition of a modern relationship, with politically correct tones, of equal partners in all aspects. Some men will, I am sure fall into that category... Every aspect of life together discussed and middle ground always attempted to achieve for formulation of the relationship in all day to day aspects and relationship goals in their life...

But the main stream, of which I consider myself in, will fall somewhere between the two, more of a give and take where in some regards and instances one gender/significant other is more dominant than the other.. Now in making that statement I am not going categorically into areas you might think..

Throwing gender out the window, the strengths of the individual would grant lead in a relationship in individual categories of a relationship. For instance the cooking aspect and kitchen, that's my territory, Chef Willy rules that land and I am not giving up my rights because of old stereotypes of women in the kitchen. But will compromise on occasion because I love the relationship aspects and romance of preparing a romantic meal together... Something sensual about rubbing elbows and tasting things together as they are prepared... For some reason in my household that can lead to so many other fun activities, so to speak..

From my standpoint and that of my alter ego, Chef Willy, the give and take in a relationship is what is important.. I want my Venus to be the one at times to take the lead in things... I love to surprise, but want to be surprised on occasion myself.. I want my Lady to be assertive and have a mind of her own, feel comfortable within our relationship. I don't deal with jealousy very well, so I want someone that doesn't live with the green eyed monster. Family oriented, yet realizes there is a need for adult time, aka quality time together without being a mommy or daddy... I can go on and on...

But "What do Men Want"??? "What Do Women Want"??? You have to take it, individual to individual, get to know their wants and needs and adjust accordingly, not change, but adjust to blend your wants and needs with that of your significant other.

Venus/Mars Aspects, a constant learning and evolving process... Never stand pat, always keep on learning and growing together, communication open and free to speak ones mind will lend itself to the state of a strong desired relationship..

I hope you have been able to glean some ideas to help you along, if this has given you some food for thought, please leave a comment, share it to the right on Facebook or Twitter, bookmark my blog or click on our RSS feed so you can come back with each post and get more ideas.

Thanks for visiting and I just want to send a smile your way, from your bud on the Lake they call Ackerson... :)

Peace Y'all

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