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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Relationship Advice: Social Media can Stave off a Cell Bermuda Triangle...

Once you establish and have a relationship, social media becomes another medium for communication.  I live in a rural section of south central Michigan and to be honest with you we have cell phone Bermuda Triangles out here in the country, dead zones that render the best cell phones totally useless.  When my lady friend is at her house she gets zero reception on her cell, she doesn't have a land line, so our main form of communication then becomes inbox chats on face book.  Life saver I am telling you...

I talk to her in the morning before we go to work via chat and in the evening if we are not together.  Its a great way to stay in touch, though there is the occasional set back on sometimes understanding what the other is meaning when things are stated in certain ways where multiple interpretations can be inferred and without being able to hear the others voice, context can be lost and misunderstandings arise.  But even with the downside of things having to be dealt with at times still a viable means of saying hey and staying in good contact.

I am currently trying to get a web cam hooked up on her computer, so Skype becomes a viable option, which eliminate the misunderstanding aspects of chats.  Communication, good communication can be and should be the foundation of a relationship, so Social Media, ie Face Book can be a very intricate part of the establishment of that foundation.

Well now that explains one communication plus for relationships on the romantic side of things.  But as I covered on my Mothers Day post, relationships come in many facets, friendships, family, co-workers and of course the romantic side of things.  I mentioned Skype earlier and getting a web cam set up for Sherie, what a fantastic medium..  

Well this will be great for she and I, but it is also so much more.  Her eldest son, daughter-in-law and only grand daughter live in Louisiana, her son is in the Air Force, grand daughter is 3 and grandma gets little spoiling time with her precious.  Sherie wants to see her grand daughter but distance puts a hamper on that to the regularity that she would like.  With face book, her son and daughter in law keep her updated with pics and videos, but just not the same.  Well with the web cam and Skype, grandma can see and talk with the young one who is the apple of grandma's eye and she can get some sense of bonding that the distance apart has had her at bay.

So guys if you want to score some points with your lady and they have loved ones some distance away, get a web cam for her and setup a Skype account or show her how to use the web cam and do a face book video chat and show her a 21st century marvel that definitely transcends distance.  Now Face book, you can only do a one on one chat, where as with Google + you can do a hangout with two or more and get a whole gang together on video chat online..  Either way giving her the ability to visually touch base with loved ones, this will put a sparkle in her eyes and she will love the gesture and thoughtfulness you have shown, a Venus/Mars bridge will have another plank in its construction, which guys, it is a good thing...

For Web Cams go down to your Best Buy, Walmart, Office Max, Office Depot, etc., they all have a great selection and their sales people can answer all your questions and help you chose one that would best suit your needs plus teach you how to use the basic functions.  Once you have a web cam installed, then go and upload the Skype software and setup an account...  Hey its free..  Way cool.  Then you are ready to go, your communication will be better, she will be happy, and if she is happy as the saying goes, so will you be..

Thanks for visiting friends, hope this gave you some ideas on how social media and the Internet for that matter can better enhance your communications in your romantic relationships, further strengthening your relationship foundation and the wonders, joy and connection it can give you to loved ones where distance presents a obstacle. 

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Peace Y'all

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Relationship Advise: With a Mothers Day Theme..

Most times, when discussing relationships we tend to lean towards that of romantic relationships.  But relationships have so many categories, just one being that on the "Romantic" side, there is friendships, co-workers and family relationships...

Today we are going to take a moment and address the relationship between children and their mother.  Children is a interesting term because no matter the age, sons and daughters always fall in a category befitting what sounds as though a young child.  Which I guess in our mothers eyes we never grow old, but stay little.

On this day, which is set aside to celebrate the lady, the woman, that gave us life, remember back to all the moments where she was always there, the things she taught you and all the unconditional Love she gave.

If she is on your face book, or Twitter, take a moment and add a special post, reminiscing some moments of the past that touched you so.  Let her know that, though time has moved on those moments have lived on and will, because the times that Mothers give to their children are slivers of eternity, priceless in value and held in honor to be past on from generation to generation, cementing their gift of life whose family is never ending.

I am off to try and make my mother smile and to make her day special.  Thanks again for visiting and please stop back soon.  Relationships are a never ending process with so many differing forms, together we can find ways to strengthen and help them grow..

Happy Mothers Day!!!!   To All Mothers out there in Cyber Land...  This day is your special day, but know you are celebrated everyday, because no where is there a greater gift that could be given, which can be only given by you...  "The Gift of Life"

Peace Y'all

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Relationship Advise; The $85.00 Inbox Lesson

This post comes from the Land of "Been there and Done it", and lord did it bite me in the butt.  Relationship advise at times is best served up from experience, real life happenings, at least for me, which holds more value than psycho babble and this post definitely comes in from experience, as usual what I do more times than not is learn things the hard way.  I am kind of telling on myself here, but doing so, that hopefully someone else will read this and overt the mistake I made...

Now I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer at times and have made this mistake more than once, but I think now I have a handle on it and won't make it again.  The not so wonderful thing about Face Book In boxes and or Chats in any social media, is that the topics discussed, you can't tell voice inflection, the fact that the wonderful English language can be taken and translated in differing ways that can lead one completely away from what was intended and taken totally out of context.

Case in point, last week proving the adage "that one just can't fix stupid", I repeated a faux paux while being under the guise of a sound mind.  Well it was like this, I am having a great day feeling a little cocky and thinking myself to be witty, was in the middle of a Face Book In box with my lady and thought I would be cute.  Whether this was a Venus/Mars moment or one that semantical issues with the English language raising its ugly head I am not sure, but in my less than intelligent wit, I stated some things that left her thinking that I was talking to more than one person in the FB In box chat, another female to be exact, first mistake, this caused by being cutsie and intentionally calling her by the wrong name..   

Then by stating something that could be taken a couple of ways, one funny, my perception and one that could get you in hot water, the latter being how it was taken...  Can you say "In the Doghouse", as fast as it took you to read this, my southern extremity was in a sling..  Chat was over and she wasn't speaking to me..  To make matters worse she was at work, wouldn't respond to any of my texts and was there stewing over it for four hours, making her madder.  

Stewing wasn't left in her court alone, panic, remorse, had me in its grasp...   I wore out two pair of knee caps kicking myself in the rear and I did what any self respecting male would do when caught reaffirming idiot status, speed dial Flowers by Judy, ordering a dozen roses and pleading to have them be delivered before her office closed.  At 4:30 I was in her parking lot to make sure this mis-communication went no further, could eat crow, not prepared by Chef Willy mind you and hopefully straighten this whole mess out..

She came out at 4:35 and had one of those looks on her face women get when you leave the toilet seat up, thought I was dead meat.  But by the time she got to my Jeep, she couldn't fake it anymore and started to smile, the flowers worked...  Whew!!!  Still wanting to leave nothing to chance I apologized profusely, explained what I meant by what was written, and proclaimed my stupidity...  Humble pie was a recipe Chef Willy had shared with me and I served it up as the instructions read..

Moral of this story is, when in a chat or FB In box with your significant other, make sure clarity on what is said reigns supreme and if it doesn't, make sure minimal time is allowed for misconception to fester.  Clarity and being open is the best recipe for communication, keep that in mind and your relationship will always be on solid ground, and your wallet won't be light $85.00, to make crow more palatable.

Guys remember when hell is breaking loose, roses can save the day, also on a time of surprise for no other reason than to show her how much you care.  The latter we will save for another post, on another day.

Thanks for listening to my stupidity and please learn from my mistake..  Be smarter than I and thanks for visiting..  Please leave a comment on this post and give me your thoughts and ideas on how to try and get out of the doghouse when you personally insert one's foot, in one's mouth..  Please sign up for my RSS feed and if you would, share this post on your Twitter, Face book, Google+ walls..

This Sunday is starting to come to a close, my lady just showed up and we are going to catch the sunset on the Lake they call Ackerson, via canoe..  Till next time, smiles from your bud on the southern shore of Ackerson Lake..  

Peace Y'all

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Author, the "Me", the "Who I Am"...

"Time is what you make of it" and I choose to look for the romance in life, moments in time that you can capture, that spurs feelings deep within.  I am a poet, a dreamer, one that stories can flow, always stopping to smell the roses,  standing in awe of the majesty of a sunset trying in vain to put to words the vision before me, the portrait that Gods pallet has painted.  I love the sharing, the togetherness of Venus and Mars, a night times star filled sky, a glass like lake, whose only ripple be that of my lady and my canoe paddles as we traverse the waters.  

Romance, some find it so hard to grasp, and I at ease with its splendor, just try and share my thoughts and feelings, writing of moments shared and experienced, in the hope that the side of romance can be shown to those that its vision escapes.  Trying to bridge of sorts, the romantic aspects and differences found between that of Venus and Mars..

Life and a country upbringing gives me my perspective, I have travel extensively and have experienced much along my path.  Failures have been endured and learned from, love found and at times love lost, all bringing me to the place that I am at today.  I hope what I write, finds its way to others where it can be a helping hand, to give thought and ideas when brick walls are encountered in the land of Relationships..

"The Journey in a Relationship has a beginning, a middle, yet is never ending"  Chef Willy 2012...  I so love the journey, I hope you enjoy my scribing, as my path unfolds before me..

Peace Y'all