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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A "Thought for the Day" Can Create Relationship Magic

I rarely seem to be at a loss for words, most people close to me carry a spare roll of duct tape to use in case of emergency to shut me up when I get on a roll and ramble on and on and on... But being one that is rarely at a loss for words, nor is short on opinion and thought... It was only natural that one of my posts daily would venture into this forum, which leads to either comment or acceptance, after trying to garner some order on my wall, giving it some consistency, aka repeatability... I had started one day with saying something rather witty, at least in my mind it was witty... After mentioning I had just had gotten another cup of coffee, I started rambling about something a old love interest had done in our relationship and I stated "she was crazier than a hoot owl flying upside down through a pine thicket"... Chef Willy, (my alter ego), 2011... Something to ponder out there... I re-referenced my coffee, with, "2 sugars and cream"... And ended it with a "Peace Y'all"... Here is an example from an actual post..

April 3, 2012

"Well taking a quick break from writing and getting another cup of the nectar of the Gods... Thunderstorms have turned to sunshine and blue skies and what better time for a thought for the day... "To achieve ones dreams you have to stay focused and never give up, belief in yourself and that you can do anything you set your mind to. The emotional support of others that don't drag you backwards can feed your desire and drive to accomplish and success will be found" Food for thought from Chef Willy 2012, simplistic in its recipe... So when you see others in your life, be it friends or family trying to reach for what is just beyond their grasp, encourage, support and rejoice when their success finally comes, the effort will bear fruit in return when reaching for the dreams within your own heart and mind.. 2 sugars and cream... Peace y'all"

The next day, a couple of ladies came on my face book wall and asked if I had anymore sayings for that day, like the day before... I asked if they wanted a "thought for the day" and hence that post, usually my second post of the day, was born... For a few weeks, I used my own material, writing romantic thoughts, or life thoughts, always staying on the positive side of things, you know follow your dream stuff, never give up no matter what life throws at you stuff, ect ect ect... Well there finally came a day when I just didn't have time to pull a pearl of wisdom out of my back pocket...

Dilemma time, when in doubt and lost, Google to your hearts content... So I jumped on a Google search bar and typed in "Love thoughts"... And low and behold site after site came up with hundreds of "Love" thoughts and quotes... Way cool, what a time saver, so on the days when I was to busy, aka lazy, I could just jump on one of these sites and grab something that fit the category I was looking for, relationships, funny, love, dreams, life, success, sports, ect quotes and thoughts and slap it into a post, ala cut and paste, surround it with my usuals and bala boom, bala bang, its done... Here is an example of that:

April 10, 2012
"Well the time on the clock and the lack of coffee in the mug, lends itself to call for a break and refill... So while moments of non productivity are addressed, a thought shall be passed your way to ponder from a romantics heart... “I would rather have eyes that cannot see; ears that cannot hear; lips that cannot speak, than a heart that cannot love”.. Robert Tizon A beautiful sunsets moment addressed.. Ponder away... 2 sugars and cream... Peace Y'all"

As you can see, this post was from today, so I guess I was rather busy, more probable is being on face book to long chatting with friends instead of doing what I needed to be doing, research and data for marketing, so off to Google and searched up this Robert Tizon quote and did my post... This "thought for the day" is so in trenched on my wall that if I don't post something like this, I start getting inboxes, wall posts, email and even calls on my cell, checking to see if I am okay.. Because a few hundred everyday, across the USA have their morning coffee in their various time zones and read my thought for the day.. Now predominantly they are 95% women and most of my thoughts lend themselves to the romantic side of life and once again always positive in nature. Venus loves a Mars that likes romance, and a romantic quote dealing with the positives of love... Well I score a ton of points and hear a lot about "wish you were single", "wish my man would think just part of the time like you do", "oh my god I love what you write, it is like you are looking into my heart..." Now of course I hear from some of my male friends who say I am being way to much on this poetic thought kinda thing, whimpy is used, but I remind them, they have 20-30 women on their wall and I have 2200-2300, they never hear me bitch or complain about not having someone to go out with, or how do I meet a good lady, I think I would rather be me, because this works, flat out and period... Can't tell me I am "Crazier than a Hoot Owl flyin upside down thru a pine thicket"...

Okay what does this "Thought for the day" truly do???

It can hold the hint of Romance, show a positive philosophical side of yourself, you, on the Mars side of things, are reaching with this post to find middle ground with the Venus side of things, to open communications, spur interest, in search of the possibility of some form of relationship to begin with. Consistently doing this kind of post, daily or every other day helps people (Women/Men) start setting a pattern of returning to your wall to see what you have put up, repeatability, which becomes the seed from which relationships can be grown and flourish...

I am grateful my Venus isn't the jealous type and laughs a lot about all the attention I spawn from females on my wall and my "Thoughts for the Day" is one of the biggest attention draws... Use my style, the rough format and make the "Thought for the Day" your own. I personally stick with mostly just a few categories, love/romance, life, dreams, and goals... There are so many paths you could take with this depending on what your hook is and your comfort zone.. For example maybe you are a sports nut and want to find someone driven as you are in that area, use sports thoughts or quotes, they can be deep or humorous... Yogi Bera is perfect for off the wall, funny sports quotes...
Philosophical thoughts and quotes, religious thoughts and quotes ect... Use your own thoughts and philosophy and remember to always state where the thought or quote came from, you or whomever..

In the column to the right you will find a list of Thoughts and Quotes sites that have a wide variety of subject matter.. Feel free to go through them and experiment on what you want to do on your wall.. Have fun with it, but don't be crude, rude and socially unacceptable, guys this won't fly but every now and then, rarely do I cross this line, I try my best to stay out of the gutter, respect, not disdain is what you are after and the aforementioned will garner you the best results..

Next up, topic wise we will touch on how to find people in the interest category you want and how to get them to friend or follow you. We will start integrating twitter social media into this next post, along with Facebook..

I hope you enjoyed this post and are able to take from it some ideas to better enhance your wall on Facebook and or Google +, to attract interest from the gender you desire.. If you could, leave a comment on what you thought.. Please bookmark, rss feed or share it if you would, on your social media venues...

Well thank you for visiting and I just wanted in closing to send you smiles from your bud on the Lake they call Ackerson... :)

Peace Y'all

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