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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Relationship Advise and Ideas is Knowledge = Success

No one really wants to admit they don't know what to do to get what they want in any form of life. Sometimes the harder you think the harder it is to come up with ways of over coming obstacles. Whether it is work, relationships, sports or crab grass, sometimes you just have to admit you need more input, knowledge ect to attain what you are trying to do.

In dealing with relationships, either trying to strengthen or save an existing one or how can you try and find some one to take away the empty feelings that being alone can bring.. Relationship advise from proven experts can give you the knowledge on how to restructure how you are doing things to help take a relationship that is off track and with utilizing the relationship advise, adapting it to your situation can enable you to put that relationship back on solid ground.

I don't claim to have a magic formula, nor are the products I have here on my blog a cure all, but in utilizing methods, understanding thought processes these relationship advise techniques, tips, thoughts and ideas can enhance any relationship circumstance.

Ultimately it is up to you, you have to read over everything and tailor or adapt it to the person you are and the circumstances you are dealing with.. What I am trying to supply to you here, be you a Venus or Mars type, is viable practical methods, via Texting, Social Media, Facebook and Twitter, ideology, better understanding what Women and Men want in a partner, to the extreme of how each gender generally speaking thinks in triggering positive relationship responses and ideas on how to better strengthen relationships by bridging the gaps between Venus/Mars, Women and Men.

I love romance and I lean heavy on the things that I feel trigger the heart of women, a lot of this interaction occurs on Social Media, through the years I have been asked by probably hundreds of women to and do something to educate guys into being more like me, to help them bring out the romantic side in guys that would touch their Venus's heart. That they wanted and loved how I presented myself, my feelings and wished their guys would just do some of what I do and how if they did, how much it would strengthen their relationships..

Well here I am trying to do as requested, giving out relationship advise that has worked for me and others mostly in handling the social media aspect of relationships, but also showing mistakes I had made that cost me and in sharing those moments or events hopefully others can learn from the mistakes I have done and not make them themselves.

One thing that I have concluded is that to touch most, Women or Men, to touch a heart it doesn't take a ton of time or effort. That little things can for most trigger the responses we are looking for, a simple love thought out text, a simple song, a deep thought on love aimed at that someone special, A Hi, a smile or even a out of the blue hug, showing that you care and were thinking of them, making them feel special and important. We all need to feel special and important to the ones we care for, sometimes we forget or just don't know how to show it..

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Well this blog is here to help you with that, relationship advise, ideas, techniques, methods and practices to help form relationships, to strengthen and expand relationships. I am excited by the response I have gotten and am looking forward to expanding this in so many way as time presents itself.

Thanks for visiting today, read some of the past posts for ideas and thoughts, sign up to our RSS feed to the right and look at the variety of product lines with methods setup to better your relationships..

We will supply you with ideas, with those ideas you have knowledge which will = SUCCESS...

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From the southern shores of the Lake called Ackerson I send you smiles and look forward till we meet again..

Peace Y'all

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