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Monday, April 30, 2012

Relationship advice comes from Romance, I love to live it..

This Thursday past, was a dark, gloomy, cold south central Michigan day.   The kind of day that lends itself to being down and depressed, no beautiful sunrises or sunsets to mark the day.   I watched out the window as the north wind whipped my flag at the waters edge, white caps facing up towards the house...  No quiet romantic canoe ride on a lake of glass...  My lake this day, not one that could spin a  romantic note per say but reminiscent of the "Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald" with the Cat Stevens melody a musical backdrop, all the things that could spawn a romantic moment with my lady, not a possibility and she just moments from arriving.   I need to find a plan "B" to grace some of the free time which being single parents, can be totally limited.

I have started dinner, I love to cook especially for my lady, planned the menu and have all the timing in my head, so all comes off to perfection, my alter ego, "Chef Willy" isn't by accident.  But still what can I do to take this time and make it special for her, to show her how so I love our quality moments alone, how special she is to me, to put a smile in her heart and a moment to remember and hopefully cherish.

Through out all aspects of life there are moments that are less than stellar, are not what we want or desire, of those times reversing them and finding the silver lining is the only fashion that should be had...  Taking the bad and making good, "glass half full, not half empty"...   This mantra one I try and live my life on, needs to show me the way this day.

Well the light bulb finally kicks in as I am standing in the living room and my eyes finally focus on my Plan "B"...  The fireplace, this time of year I usually pay it no mind, because it is warm out, but hey this is the ticket I need today.  Quickly I go out and grab some wood, get a fire going, grab some candles, spread them around the room and light them, then the finishing touches, open a bottle Chianti, definitely goes with the Italian food I am cooking and get some "Savage Garden" ready on the stereo.  Throw pillows in front of the fireplace and the moment is set, and none to soon as I see her car pull into the driveway.

This lady is very special, funny, face book brought us together and was the ice breaker that spawned this relationship.  Thank you Tim Jones for the relationship advise years ago, about joining face book, it is such a fantastic catilyst for friendships and relationships alike..

Oh, how did the evening go???   Well lets say she was quite taken back, eyes sparkling and a smile that wouldn't go away.  A silver lining on a gloomy day, that turned gray skies into moments that touched a heart. 

Special simple things and times are the ones that are remembered most..

Thanks for letting me share and you stopping by, it doesn't take much to touch a heart, even a simple text, can warm and help grow a relationship. 

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Peace Y'all

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Relationship Advise in Social Media and the Single Parent

When I got separated a few years back, I was in a total quandary on what I should do about dating.  Being a father of two, my number 1 priority was being a dad, but Dads need a life also...  I joined up on Face book about a month after I got separated and a couple of months later I ventured out on my first date in nearly 20 years...  I was nervous enough being on a 20 year dating hiatus, let alone thinking about dating with two kids...  How they would feel about it and all..

My first date was set up ironically through the wonder we call Face Book, which for single parents is kind of way cool because of course when you do your about me page, you write stuff about you of course and on mine I had I was a father of two, so when starting a friendship that might lead to dating and maybe into a relationship, the people, aka ladies, know right up front you have kids and they are important to you.  At least with me they would because the majority of what I would write about was my kids and things we did together.

So before I ever went out with the lady, who I was friends with on Face Book, she knew that I had kids and that they were a very intricate part of my life, a hands on dad..  That is one of the cool things I love about face book and meeting new people, off their profile, the about me section of their Face Book, you can find those that have similar interests, common ground...   Common ground is a wonderful thang...

The reason I brought up the common ground thing, which is a natural thing to want when forming friendships at the start anyway.  But being a single parent you also want to make sure you are looking at friendships and maybe even further, that start out on the right foot..  Some people don't like kids, personally I don't understand that, but there are people that don't.  So you wouldn't want to go out with someone that didn't like kids, when you have them, because in dating and the possibility of a long term or even a short term relationship, your kids are part of the package.  They are with you and that is that, nothing nor no one will or could or should change that..

Now I am a rather protective parent some might say, my kids are on my Face Book wall, my children are younger so I watch what kind of content and language is on my wall, because they will see it.  So anything risque or suggestive is immediately deleted.  Also when dating and the ladies I have dated in the last three years have been those I have met on Face Book.  I am not quick to introduce them to my kids, I don't date a lot and feel more comfortable being in a relationship, when I feel the person I am with is one that a relationship is forming then I look to introduce her to my kids, but I have never done that right off the bat after a first date..

My thought process with that was, what happens if things from a relationship standpoint aren't working and the kids really like her, then it can be very hard on them if a breakup occurs.  So I have waited to bring them together till it looks as though a relationship is underway.. 

Being a single parent brings along a lot of responsibility with dating to both start working on a relationship with someone but also making sure that someone is one who is okay with the whole package, kids included.  Separation and divorce brings a lot of upheaval and turmoil into your kids lives, I never wanted it to seem as though ladies in my life were a revolving door kind of thing, adding more constant upheaval in their lives.

No matter what and this is my personal belief and everyone has to make their own judgement on their life, but for me being a parent, my kids are always my #1 priority, dating or anyone in my life never trumps them, they are always #1 with a bullet.  And I do my best to try and protect them, which includes making sure that a true relationship is underway before they get brought into the mix... 

Definitely my #1 single parent dating rule...

What is yours...?????   I would love to get some opinions on this, so please leave your comments, plus subscribe to my RSS feed..  While you are at it, please share this on your Twitter, Face Book and Google + accounts...

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Peace Y'all

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Relationship Advise and Ideas is Knowledge = Success

No one really wants to admit they don't know what to do to get what they want in any form of life. Sometimes the harder you think the harder it is to come up with ways of over coming obstacles. Whether it is work, relationships, sports or crab grass, sometimes you just have to admit you need more input, knowledge ect to attain what you are trying to do.

In dealing with relationships, either trying to strengthen or save an existing one or how can you try and find some one to take away the empty feelings that being alone can bring.. Relationship advise from proven experts can give you the knowledge on how to restructure how you are doing things to help take a relationship that is off track and with utilizing the relationship advise, adapting it to your situation can enable you to put that relationship back on solid ground.

I don't claim to have a magic formula, nor are the products I have here on my blog a cure all, but in utilizing methods, understanding thought processes these relationship advise techniques, tips, thoughts and ideas can enhance any relationship circumstance.

Ultimately it is up to you, you have to read over everything and tailor or adapt it to the person you are and the circumstances you are dealing with.. What I am trying to supply to you here, be you a Venus or Mars type, is viable practical methods, via Texting, Social Media, Facebook and Twitter, ideology, better understanding what Women and Men want in a partner, to the extreme of how each gender generally speaking thinks in triggering positive relationship responses and ideas on how to better strengthen relationships by bridging the gaps between Venus/Mars, Women and Men.

I love romance and I lean heavy on the things that I feel trigger the heart of women, a lot of this interaction occurs on Social Media, through the years I have been asked by probably hundreds of women to and do something to educate guys into being more like me, to help them bring out the romantic side in guys that would touch their Venus's heart. That they wanted and loved how I presented myself, my feelings and wished their guys would just do some of what I do and how if they did, how much it would strengthen their relationships..

Well here I am trying to do as requested, giving out relationship advise that has worked for me and others mostly in handling the social media aspect of relationships, but also showing mistakes I had made that cost me and in sharing those moments or events hopefully others can learn from the mistakes I have done and not make them themselves.

One thing that I have concluded is that to touch most, Women or Men, to touch a heart it doesn't take a ton of time or effort. That little things can for most trigger the responses we are looking for, a simple love thought out text, a simple song, a deep thought on love aimed at that someone special, A Hi, a smile or even a out of the blue hug, showing that you care and were thinking of them, making them feel special and important. We all need to feel special and important to the ones we care for, sometimes we forget or just don't know how to show it..

Internet's Top Dating Coach - Evan Marc Katz - offers dating and relationship advice to smart, strong, successful women... Click here to find out more!

Well this blog is here to help you with that, relationship advise, ideas, techniques, methods and practices to help form relationships, to strengthen and expand relationships. I am excited by the response I have gotten and am looking forward to expanding this in so many way as time presents itself.

Thanks for visiting today, read some of the past posts for ideas and thoughts, sign up to our RSS feed to the right and look at the variety of product lines with methods setup to better your relationships..

We will supply you with ideas, with those ideas you have knowledge which will = SUCCESS...

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From the southern shores of the Lake called Ackerson I send you smiles and look forward till we meet again..

Peace Y'all

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Secret to Keeping a Man: Forget the Future, Enjoy the Present

You ever start dating a guy and immediately, you’re walking on eggshells?

It’s not that he’s a bad guy or that he’s being inconsistent with you.

It’s just that, for the first time in a long time, you’re EXCITED about a man.

And because this feeling occurs so infrequently, it’s really got you in a tailspin.

Even though you like your new guy as much as anyone in recent memory, even though things have been nothing short of perfect for these first two weeks, you feel a pit of dread in your stomach.

“What’s going to go wrong here?”
“When is the other shoe going to drop?”
“I hope he’s serious about a long-term relationship.”

And, most of all:

“I don’t want to waste my time on the wrong man ever again.”

Hey, I don’t blame you for a second for feeling all of those things. No woman over the age of 20 should assume that every man is solid, stable, and relationship-oriented. Naturally, you want to minimize your chances of getting hurt.

But what is the RESULT of this fearful, walking-on-eggshells mindset?

You start to obsess when he doesn’t call.

You ask your friends what it “means” when he says, “I’ll see you later.”
You tense up. You lose sleep. You become uptight.

You want to be loved SO badly, but you’re SO afraid of getting hurt that you’ve turned yourself into a shell of your best self.

Don’t believe me?

Are you more attractive when you’re confident and loose or insecure and uptight?

Are you more attractive when you assume your man adores you or when you live in fear that he might bail like all the rest?

Are you more attractive when you’re focused on enjoying the present or obsessing about what might happen in the future?

I think the answer’s obvious.

Living in the present is the most effective way to make a man fall in love with you.

This is a core principle about men that I discuss in by book, “Why He Disappeared”. Its power comes from its simplicity: “Men do what they want to do.”

If we want to call you, we’ll call you.

If we want to introduce you to our family, we’ll introduce you to our family.

If we want to take down our profiles and commit, we’ll do it.

Which is why, when you want to know what you should do about the guy who makes you weak in the knees, the answer couldn’t be more simple: NOTHING!!!

“Doing something” means you’re trying to keep your emotional tether alive, to nudge him into calling you, seeing you, committing to you.
But the great thing about men is this: We don’t need to be nudged!

So when it’s been 10 hours and you haven’t gotten a reply to his text, you let it go.

When it’s Thursday night and he hasn’t called to see you on Saturday, you let it go.

It’s three weeks into dating and his profile’s up, you let it go.

Why? Wouldn’t it make more sense to call him, text him, and see him so he doesn’t lose interest in you?


"Nudging" a man to take action only lets him know that he’s in control, you’re desperate and needy, and that you don’t trust that he knows what’s good for him.

The truth is, if you’re the right woman for him, you don’t NEED to nudge him.

Remember what it’s like when a guy’s excited about you?

He calls, he follows through, he’s thoughtful, he’s chivalrous, he’s gentlemanly, he WANTS a commitment with you.

But sometimes it takes a few weeks for us to figure all of that out for ourselves.

Remember, men like to “buy”. We don’t want to be “sold”.

Anything you do to amp up the pressure for him to make a decision is just going to drive him away – the exact OPPOSITE reaction you want from your man.

But that leaves you with the same burning question: “what should I DO, Evan?”

The answer couldn’t be simpler:

Make your PRESENT so amazing that he WANTS to have a FUTURE with you.

It’s not about finding out in week 1 whether he wants to live in the city or the country, or hoping he says “I love you” by week 4.

Those are things you’ll deal with later.

For now, just have fun.

Laugh. Say yes. Be easygoing. Smile. Fool around. Enjoy the moment.
You never have more leverage over a man than when he’s CHOSEN you on his own accord, when he’s EMOTIONALLY INVESTED in you because he FEELS so happy every time he’s around you.

And if he’s receiving texts that say, “Where are you?!” or late night calls that plead, “Where is this going?”, you’re not making him feel too good in the present.

My wife was ALWAYS in the present and that’s why she’s my wife. Because she enhances my life and doesn’t provide emotional drama when it’s unnecessary.

Since your man CAN’T know after a few weeks whether you’re “the one”, just relax and enjoy the ride. The RIGHT guy steps up to the plate and commits to you in the first couple of months. The WRONG guy never escalates his efforts and keeps you as a once-a-week option indefinitely.


Because that’s what he WANTS to do.

Thus, it’s really easy to tell the difference between a man who’s serious and a man who’s wasting your time, so you don’t invest more than 8 weeks in a dead-end relationship.

But in order to get ANY relationship off the ground, you HAVE to put off all fears, all nudging, and all thoughts of your future and just ENJOY the present.

The right guy knows what to do next. I promise.

If that powerful bit of advice makes sense but you find it hard to implement, I highly recommend that you check out my book, “Why He Disappeared: The Smart, Strong, Successful Woman’s Guide to Understanding Men and Keeping the Right One Hooked Forever”.

Soon, you’ll be able to distinguish good men from bad men, see what you’ve been doing wrong your entire life, and have all the tools to create the kind of relationship you’ve always dreamed about.

Click here to learn more:

Monday, April 16, 2012

Relationships thru Social Media, Been There , Done It, Love the T-Shirt!!!

New relationships and to start them... Feeling out of touch, not knowing what to do or really how to go about it... That is the way I felt when I got separated and divorced after 20 years of being married and now finding myself out there thinking about dating and starting over from a relationship stand point. Totally clueless, I felt so out of place, thinking back to the old days how I met women... I am looking at going to bars, bars and more bars...

Not my scene anymore...

I am a dad of two teenagers, the last few years of my marriage the only true family aspects was doing everything with the kids, school, sports, girl scouts and church youth group.. So how do you mix being a full time dad, a job and trying to find a new relationship, here in the 21st century... Scratching my head, tired of hanging out alone at home, a buddy of mine was telling me about this web site he joined and was reconnecting with old school mates from high school and college, something called Face Book and that I need to sign up. I thought he was crazy, why would I want to sit online and chat with people.. This comes from the guy that thought computers in the 70's were just a fad and would die out like the 8 track player, back in the day..

Well my bud kept pressing me about this face book thing until I finally caved in to get him off my back, I went to and signed up. Just to show him he was crazy, well I was delightfully mistaken and he was right on the money.. Literally within minutes of signing up, two old classmates from high school, that back in the day of long hair and disco were close friends of mine but hadn't talked to since the mid to late 70's, friend requested me on Face Book.. Way cool..

Within a few short days I had 40 plus friends on Face Book, my social life had gone from non existent to busy with my computer and online chats. Granted the face to face aspects of friendships and relationships wasn't there yet, but the feeling of being alone had gone away and I was starting to feel whole again..

After the first week a old prom date of mine from the ancient year of 1978, friend requested me, she said she had been reading my posts, couldn't believe it was me and wanted to reconnect. She was divorced a few years earlier and lived a few hundred miles away, but with face book and this wonderful thing, the computer, we were able to talk all the time, along with this thing called a cell phone and texting, she and I would communicate all throughout the day...

Good ole Face Book..

It seems I had always been some what of a Romantic and I started writing on face book and texting to my friend, talking about romantic moments and things I see and enjoy, like sunsets... Just being me, after a few weeks my friend, my old prom date, texted me one day and said why don't you come down to her place for a weekend and we could go out and have fun, see some old friends and see if there was something with us from the 70's that could be rekindled today...

Lord in the 21st century women asking men out, way cool, what a fantastic concept!!!!!

I did venture south for a weekend and then was going down every other weekend, a relationship had been born.. I lived through my divorce and had found out there was life after divorce, relationships were out there, with out bars, all thanks to what is called social media, face book, twitter and cell phone texting, without these I am not sure where I would be today, 3 years later I am in a wonderful relationship completely spawned by social media, face book imparticular... But that is another post for another day..

One constant in using social media was I was always myself, never pretending to be anyone other than who I was, the good, the bad, the indifferent, my romantic side helped touch the Venus side of things and I had and have literally 2300 women as friends on face book. I don't date around, not in my make-up so to speak, I love the relationship I am in, but if ever in need of a women's point of view, or just wanting to converse with someone of the Venus side of life, I do have plenty to choose from... And guys that is a wonderful thing... Just sayin..

Well thanks for stopping by, going to wrap this post up for now... Stop by again soon, more updates to come... Please share my blog with others, face book, twitter and Google + buttons to the right, along with my RSS feed you can subscribe to..

Have a great day and if you are ever in need of a smile, just look towards your bud on the lake they call Ackerson, I will always have them there waiting for you...

Peace Y'all

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Music Can Touch the Heart and Create a Spark

One of the quickest ways I know to grab the attention of a woman on Face book or Twitter is to jump on and search up a romantic song and either place it on my wall or if I have someone specific in mind, on theirs, if you want to be just between you and the intended, send it in a Face book message and also the same with Twitter... Add a quick note about this song reminding you of them and there you go... You might not see them, but a smile is being directed in your direction, 99.9% of the time...

Music can be such a ice breaker, it can set the mood, show what you are feeling... Its a deja vu, a song bringing back memories of days gone by or moments in your life and how the song, the lyrics touched you in some way... Conveying what you are feeling toward someone, a event or a place in time..

I am in my early 50's, my high school days, the mid 70's... Going back and grabbing music from my teen days, breaks the ice so to speak with others from my day, dialog started with memories from back in the day and next thing common ground is found and friendship has been spawned... There have been so many people I truly never knew or conversed with that with a simple song on my face book wall has started friendships and more, passing along stories of concerts attended and craziness done back in your youth... Tons of fun working with music on your wall...

You Tube has everything you can imagine, you can search via group or artist, song title and even lyrics, for those like me that the memory is the first to go and I can never remember the title or the group, yet lyrics have made it through the haze of time... You can still find what you are looking for, there is also category listings, R&B, Heavy Metal, Rap, Country, Gospel, Punk, ect... Get the idea... Get the song and share....

New friends will be on the way and relationships can find common ground in musical taste, and you just being you in describing what the music means to you or memories... Common ground opens communication and grows relationships from acquaintances to much more...

Hope you have been able to glean some helpful material here, please share on your face book, Google +, and Twitter... Comments, constructive of course, are always encouraged...

You want to share your thoughts, and experiences, insight and wisdom, be a guest blogger here... Just contact me and send the post you want up and I will go over it to make sure it fits my vision of what I want on and it will be posted... More perspective the better in the bridging of Venus/Mars...

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Peace Y'all

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A "Thought for the Day" Can Create Relationship Magic

I rarely seem to be at a loss for words, most people close to me carry a spare roll of duct tape to use in case of emergency to shut me up when I get on a roll and ramble on and on and on... But being one that is rarely at a loss for words, nor is short on opinion and thought... It was only natural that one of my posts daily would venture into this forum, which leads to either comment or acceptance, after trying to garner some order on my wall, giving it some consistency, aka repeatability... I had started one day with saying something rather witty, at least in my mind it was witty... After mentioning I had just had gotten another cup of coffee, I started rambling about something a old love interest had done in our relationship and I stated "she was crazier than a hoot owl flying upside down through a pine thicket"... Chef Willy, (my alter ego), 2011... Something to ponder out there... I re-referenced my coffee, with, "2 sugars and cream"... And ended it with a "Peace Y'all"... Here is an example from an actual post..

April 3, 2012

"Well taking a quick break from writing and getting another cup of the nectar of the Gods... Thunderstorms have turned to sunshine and blue skies and what better time for a thought for the day... "To achieve ones dreams you have to stay focused and never give up, belief in yourself and that you can do anything you set your mind to. The emotional support of others that don't drag you backwards can feed your desire and drive to accomplish and success will be found" Food for thought from Chef Willy 2012, simplistic in its recipe... So when you see others in your life, be it friends or family trying to reach for what is just beyond their grasp, encourage, support and rejoice when their success finally comes, the effort will bear fruit in return when reaching for the dreams within your own heart and mind.. 2 sugars and cream... Peace y'all"

The next day, a couple of ladies came on my face book wall and asked if I had anymore sayings for that day, like the day before... I asked if they wanted a "thought for the day" and hence that post, usually my second post of the day, was born... For a few weeks, I used my own material, writing romantic thoughts, or life thoughts, always staying on the positive side of things, you know follow your dream stuff, never give up no matter what life throws at you stuff, ect ect ect... Well there finally came a day when I just didn't have time to pull a pearl of wisdom out of my back pocket...

Dilemma time, when in doubt and lost, Google to your hearts content... So I jumped on a Google search bar and typed in "Love thoughts"... And low and behold site after site came up with hundreds of "Love" thoughts and quotes... Way cool, what a time saver, so on the days when I was to busy, aka lazy, I could just jump on one of these sites and grab something that fit the category I was looking for, relationships, funny, love, dreams, life, success, sports, ect quotes and thoughts and slap it into a post, ala cut and paste, surround it with my usuals and bala boom, bala bang, its done... Here is an example of that:

April 10, 2012
"Well the time on the clock and the lack of coffee in the mug, lends itself to call for a break and refill... So while moments of non productivity are addressed, a thought shall be passed your way to ponder from a romantics heart... “I would rather have eyes that cannot see; ears that cannot hear; lips that cannot speak, than a heart that cannot love”.. Robert Tizon A beautiful sunsets moment addressed.. Ponder away... 2 sugars and cream... Peace Y'all"

As you can see, this post was from today, so I guess I was rather busy, more probable is being on face book to long chatting with friends instead of doing what I needed to be doing, research and data for marketing, so off to Google and searched up this Robert Tizon quote and did my post... This "thought for the day" is so in trenched on my wall that if I don't post something like this, I start getting inboxes, wall posts, email and even calls on my cell, checking to see if I am okay.. Because a few hundred everyday, across the USA have their morning coffee in their various time zones and read my thought for the day.. Now predominantly they are 95% women and most of my thoughts lend themselves to the romantic side of life and once again always positive in nature. Venus loves a Mars that likes romance, and a romantic quote dealing with the positives of love... Well I score a ton of points and hear a lot about "wish you were single", "wish my man would think just part of the time like you do", "oh my god I love what you write, it is like you are looking into my heart..." Now of course I hear from some of my male friends who say I am being way to much on this poetic thought kinda thing, whimpy is used, but I remind them, they have 20-30 women on their wall and I have 2200-2300, they never hear me bitch or complain about not having someone to go out with, or how do I meet a good lady, I think I would rather be me, because this works, flat out and period... Can't tell me I am "Crazier than a Hoot Owl flyin upside down thru a pine thicket"...

Okay what does this "Thought for the day" truly do???

It can hold the hint of Romance, show a positive philosophical side of yourself, you, on the Mars side of things, are reaching with this post to find middle ground with the Venus side of things, to open communications, spur interest, in search of the possibility of some form of relationship to begin with. Consistently doing this kind of post, daily or every other day helps people (Women/Men) start setting a pattern of returning to your wall to see what you have put up, repeatability, which becomes the seed from which relationships can be grown and flourish...

I am grateful my Venus isn't the jealous type and laughs a lot about all the attention I spawn from females on my wall and my "Thoughts for the Day" is one of the biggest attention draws... Use my style, the rough format and make the "Thought for the Day" your own. I personally stick with mostly just a few categories, love/romance, life, dreams, and goals... There are so many paths you could take with this depending on what your hook is and your comfort zone.. For example maybe you are a sports nut and want to find someone driven as you are in that area, use sports thoughts or quotes, they can be deep or humorous... Yogi Bera is perfect for off the wall, funny sports quotes...
Philosophical thoughts and quotes, religious thoughts and quotes ect... Use your own thoughts and philosophy and remember to always state where the thought or quote came from, you or whomever..

In the column to the right you will find a list of Thoughts and Quotes sites that have a wide variety of subject matter.. Feel free to go through them and experiment on what you want to do on your wall.. Have fun with it, but don't be crude, rude and socially unacceptable, guys this won't fly but every now and then, rarely do I cross this line, I try my best to stay out of the gutter, respect, not disdain is what you are after and the aforementioned will garner you the best results..

Next up, topic wise we will touch on how to find people in the interest category you want and how to get them to friend or follow you. We will start integrating twitter social media into this next post, along with Facebook..

I hope you enjoyed this post and are able to take from it some ideas to better enhance your wall on Facebook and or Google +, to attract interest from the gender you desire.. If you could, leave a comment on what you thought.. Please bookmark, rss feed or share it if you would, on your social media venues...

Well thank you for visiting and I just wanted in closing to send you smiles from your bud on the Lake they call Ackerson... :)

Peace Y'all

Saturday, April 7, 2012

What do Men Want in a Woman

Hard to figure at times what men in general want from a relationship... What is the type of woman who can lock them up for good, take away the desire to wander... What do men want? Other than the woman that will jump when a "samich and a beer" is demanded... Hey I am saying that tongue and cheek...

If I demanded that from my lady, I know the look I would get and the probable response... So in my own house, fear would rule out ever making such a demand... But there are subtle ways that the "samich and beer" would arrive on location without chauvinistic under tones.. The "How's" on that statement will be left for another post, of which should be in the rather near future.

Of course the old vanguard thought process, that a woman is there to wait on their significant other, hand and foot, might generationally hold credence in some circles in the want process category. Personally I can say that is inviting, but logic tells me in truth at least in my life experience that "that dog won't hunt"...

Then of course there is definition of a modern relationship, with politically correct tones, of equal partners in all aspects. Some men will, I am sure fall into that category... Every aspect of life together discussed and middle ground always attempted to achieve for formulation of the relationship in all day to day aspects and relationship goals in their life...

But the main stream, of which I consider myself in, will fall somewhere between the two, more of a give and take where in some regards and instances one gender/significant other is more dominant than the other.. Now in making that statement I am not going categorically into areas you might think..

Throwing gender out the window, the strengths of the individual would grant lead in a relationship in individual categories of a relationship. For instance the cooking aspect and kitchen, that's my territory, Chef Willy rules that land and I am not giving up my rights because of old stereotypes of women in the kitchen. But will compromise on occasion because I love the relationship aspects and romance of preparing a romantic meal together... Something sensual about rubbing elbows and tasting things together as they are prepared... For some reason in my household that can lead to so many other fun activities, so to speak..

From my standpoint and that of my alter ego, Chef Willy, the give and take in a relationship is what is important.. I want my Venus to be the one at times to take the lead in things... I love to surprise, but want to be surprised on occasion myself.. I want my Lady to be assertive and have a mind of her own, feel comfortable within our relationship. I don't deal with jealousy very well, so I want someone that doesn't live with the green eyed monster. Family oriented, yet realizes there is a need for adult time, aka quality time together without being a mommy or daddy... I can go on and on...

But "What do Men Want"??? "What Do Women Want"??? You have to take it, individual to individual, get to know their wants and needs and adjust accordingly, not change, but adjust to blend your wants and needs with that of your significant other.

Venus/Mars Aspects, a constant learning and evolving process... Never stand pat, always keep on learning and growing together, communication open and free to speak ones mind will lend itself to the state of a strong desired relationship..

I hope you have been able to glean some ideas to help you along, if this has given you some food for thought, please leave a comment, share it to the right on Facebook or Twitter, bookmark my blog or click on our RSS feed so you can come back with each post and get more ideas.

Thanks for visiting and I just want to send a smile your way, from your bud on the Lake they call Ackerson... :)

Peace Y'all

Monday, April 2, 2012

Relationships, Face Book and the First Post of the Day

I love using the medium of FaceBook, I actually lose track of time when I jump on there in the morning to leave my first post... A morning post usually before I go to work is an essential, other wise there might be hell to pay... Seems I have through time developed a little bit of a following on my morning posts and primarily female I might add... Which being the heterosexual that I am, is a terrible thing... (Tongue firmly placed in Cheek)

I try and cover just basic things that are positive by nature, all wrapped around the necessities of morning, coffee = cognitive thought... A positive post, on attracting continued response is a have too... No one wants to listen or read per say, negative after negative... Women, at least from my experience, and please for god sakes don't take me as a expert on women, "NO Man" and I mean "NO Man" can ever be a expert on women. They let you think you are starting to get a handle on figuring them out, then they do an about face and go off in a completely different direction.. So I am grasping and stating based on what has happened, not trying definitively to see into the female future...

I got side tracked here for a moment, like my beagle chasin a rabbit, then see's a squirrel.. On my morning posts I never hang my hat on anything negative, if bringing up what maybe a negative subject I always try and find the silver lining in it..

"Glass is always half full theory"

But for the most part I always stay in the land of positive!!! I always end my first posts of the day with "Sending out smiles from Ackerson Lake" in some form and closing with "Peace Y'all".. A little southern vernacular never hurt anybody and God knows I speak my southern English as natural as I please, in stealing lyrics from the country group Alabama... I stay always being myself, which is always the best person for you to always put out there...

No complications that way... And you never get lost on who you are putting out there, by just being yourself...

Back to the first post of the day, like I said before, I need to watch it cuz I do get side tracked easily.. lol Just like the time with my first wife, yes I said first wife... That subject matter will be broached in another post down the road... Life experience can grant you wisdom, especially from the Land of Mistakes... Any way the first time my 1st wife and I drove on Daytona Beach, talking convertible on the sand I am trying to take it all in, the surf, sand, all the ambiance.. I nearly drove into the ocean, see there were these two blondes with string bikinis on walking towards the beach and string wasn't quite right, dental floss would be more like it and after spending the last couple of years in the frozen tundra of the northern plains states, seeing those blonde, shall I say beauties, definitely caught my eye and focused my attention else where other than driving on the beach. Well my wife got me refocused quickly with a sharp elbow to the ribs and a rhetorical question "What are you looking at?"... So needless to say with example, I do have this tendency to side track and sometimes it can be painful getting back on track... Still smiling though after all these years on that memory...

I am relatively consistent in my daily first post, always starting with a general greeting to all, example, "Good morning face book familia"... I am of Italian heritage and integrate or try and integrate some of my heritage in on occasion.. Another little tidbit on letting people know who you are... Then I always go off on my coffee, a great ice breaker, tons of people drink coffee and those that don't will comment with their beverage of choice, clanking mugs and well wishes of a good day.. Light and fluffy it is, but it lays the ground work for ease in communicating.. Wednesdays are always "Happy Hump Day", and Friday's, "Happy TGIF"..

Common ground and laying positive groundwork leads to a greater ease in return of communication, thus friendship aspects and that of greater relationship possibilities down the road.. Everything is wrapped around positive communication...

Now I am out going to say the least and a lot of you out there aren't... And I truly mean always be yourself, there is enough game playing going on out there in face book land and in time people will see through a facade and it will leave you with the feeling of having dog bone underwear on, as people are chewing on your ASS, so to speak... So tailor your first post of the day to your personality, create hooks that are identifiable to you...

Hooks equal words or phases people can associate to you... I will go into greater detail on hooks in a future post. What I want to impress upon you today in your first post of the day, is making it your own and try and connect with the masses not just one individual. I don't know how many times I have been told when getting friend requests from people, usually women I don't know, is how a mutual friend of ours has shared my first morning post with this person and they liked it and wanted to be friends... All because of the positive approach I put out there in the Land of Face Book..

Let me recap what we have covered today, since in my own amid able fashion, I have gotten side tracked on occasion here..

  • Start out with a general greeting to the masses..
  • Find a hook topic to incorporate daily, coffee, weather, sports, kids, politics ect..
  • Always stay positive, even when dealing with negative subject matter, find a silver lining..
  • Show feeling and caring in your post... This doesn't show weakness, but strength in compassion.
  • End your post with a thought or a gesture... My example "Peace Y'all", "Smiles from Ackerson Lake"...

In doing these things you are breaking down walls with people and will encourage response and interaction.. I have written here mostly targeting males, this is truly a Venus and Mars thing, the Genders are as different as the day is long. And finding someone special, non gender specific, both traditional or non traditional pairings, aka alternative life styles or people in general to have social interaction with takes being yourself, but also formulating common ground from which communication can grow.. So one must bend a little, adapt to the needs of those you want to focus on and reach, to attain what you seek in social media for relationships and interaction.

I don't profess to know it all, I just know what works for me, I have nearly 2500 friends on face book, of which 22-2300 are female, there is a reason for this... My voice in radio dictated demographics of predominantly women following me, on face book, style and the written word have taken the place of baritone conveyance.. I am just using what I do, which is me being me and certain methodology to garner what I am looking for in relationships within the confines of Social Media..

Y'all have a great day and thank you for stopping by to read and ponder my thought process... My next post will cover what I do for thoughts for the day and to drive more response of mostly the positive nature mind you, from those of the fairer sex...

I love triggering Venus to communicate with Mars... So way cool...

Please leave comments, constructive preferred and let me know what you think..

From the tranquil shores of the Michigan Lake they call Ackerson, smiles to you my friends, until we meet again...