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Monday, April 16, 2012

Relationships thru Social Media, Been There , Done It, Love the T-Shirt!!!

New relationships and to start them... Feeling out of touch, not knowing what to do or really how to go about it... That is the way I felt when I got separated and divorced after 20 years of being married and now finding myself out there thinking about dating and starting over from a relationship stand point. Totally clueless, I felt so out of place, thinking back to the old days how I met women... I am looking at going to bars, bars and more bars...

Not my scene anymore...

I am a dad of two teenagers, the last few years of my marriage the only true family aspects was doing everything with the kids, school, sports, girl scouts and church youth group.. So how do you mix being a full time dad, a job and trying to find a new relationship, here in the 21st century... Scratching my head, tired of hanging out alone at home, a buddy of mine was telling me about this web site he joined and was reconnecting with old school mates from high school and college, something called Face Book and that I need to sign up. I thought he was crazy, why would I want to sit online and chat with people.. This comes from the guy that thought computers in the 70's were just a fad and would die out like the 8 track player, back in the day..

Well my bud kept pressing me about this face book thing until I finally caved in to get him off my back, I went to and signed up. Just to show him he was crazy, well I was delightfully mistaken and he was right on the money.. Literally within minutes of signing up, two old classmates from high school, that back in the day of long hair and disco were close friends of mine but hadn't talked to since the mid to late 70's, friend requested me on Face Book.. Way cool..

Within a few short days I had 40 plus friends on Face Book, my social life had gone from non existent to busy with my computer and online chats. Granted the face to face aspects of friendships and relationships wasn't there yet, but the feeling of being alone had gone away and I was starting to feel whole again..

After the first week a old prom date of mine from the ancient year of 1978, friend requested me, she said she had been reading my posts, couldn't believe it was me and wanted to reconnect. She was divorced a few years earlier and lived a few hundred miles away, but with face book and this wonderful thing, the computer, we were able to talk all the time, along with this thing called a cell phone and texting, she and I would communicate all throughout the day...

Good ole Face Book..

It seems I had always been some what of a Romantic and I started writing on face book and texting to my friend, talking about romantic moments and things I see and enjoy, like sunsets... Just being me, after a few weeks my friend, my old prom date, texted me one day and said why don't you come down to her place for a weekend and we could go out and have fun, see some old friends and see if there was something with us from the 70's that could be rekindled today...

Lord in the 21st century women asking men out, way cool, what a fantastic concept!!!!!

I did venture south for a weekend and then was going down every other weekend, a relationship had been born.. I lived through my divorce and had found out there was life after divorce, relationships were out there, with out bars, all thanks to what is called social media, face book, twitter and cell phone texting, without these I am not sure where I would be today, 3 years later I am in a wonderful relationship completely spawned by social media, face book imparticular... But that is another post for another day..

One constant in using social media was I was always myself, never pretending to be anyone other than who I was, the good, the bad, the indifferent, my romantic side helped touch the Venus side of things and I had and have literally 2300 women as friends on face book. I don't date around, not in my make-up so to speak, I love the relationship I am in, but if ever in need of a women's point of view, or just wanting to converse with someone of the Venus side of life, I do have plenty to choose from... And guys that is a wonderful thing... Just sayin..

Well thanks for stopping by, going to wrap this post up for now... Stop by again soon, more updates to come... Please share my blog with others, face book, twitter and Google + buttons to the right, along with my RSS feed you can subscribe to..

Have a great day and if you are ever in need of a smile, just look towards your bud on the lake they call Ackerson, I will always have them there waiting for you...

Peace Y'all

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