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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Author, the "Me", the "Who I Am"...

"Time is what you make of it" and I choose to look for the romance in life, moments in time that you can capture, that spurs feelings deep within.  I am a poet, a dreamer, one that stories can flow, always stopping to smell the roses,  standing in awe of the majesty of a sunset trying in vain to put to words the vision before me, the portrait that Gods pallet has painted.  I love the sharing, the togetherness of Venus and Mars, a night times star filled sky, a glass like lake, whose only ripple be that of my lady and my canoe paddles as we traverse the waters.  

Romance, some find it so hard to grasp, and I at ease with its splendor, just try and share my thoughts and feelings, writing of moments shared and experienced, in the hope that the side of romance can be shown to those that its vision escapes.  Trying to bridge of sorts, the romantic aspects and differences found between that of Venus and Mars..

Life and a country upbringing gives me my perspective, I have travel extensively and have experienced much along my path.  Failures have been endured and learned from, love found and at times love lost, all bringing me to the place that I am at today.  I hope what I write, finds its way to others where it can be a helping hand, to give thought and ideas when brick walls are encountered in the land of Relationships..

"The Journey in a Relationship has a beginning, a middle, yet is never ending"  Chef Willy 2012...  I so love the journey, I hope you enjoy my scribing, as my path unfolds before me..

Peace Y'all

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