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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Relationship Advise: With a Mothers Day Theme..

Most times, when discussing relationships we tend to lean towards that of romantic relationships.  But relationships have so many categories, just one being that on the "Romantic" side, there is friendships, co-workers and family relationships...

Today we are going to take a moment and address the relationship between children and their mother.  Children is a interesting term because no matter the age, sons and daughters always fall in a category befitting what sounds as though a young child.  Which I guess in our mothers eyes we never grow old, but stay little.

On this day, which is set aside to celebrate the lady, the woman, that gave us life, remember back to all the moments where she was always there, the things she taught you and all the unconditional Love she gave.

If she is on your face book, or Twitter, take a moment and add a special post, reminiscing some moments of the past that touched you so.  Let her know that, though time has moved on those moments have lived on and will, because the times that Mothers give to their children are slivers of eternity, priceless in value and held in honor to be past on from generation to generation, cementing their gift of life whose family is never ending.

I am off to try and make my mother smile and to make her day special.  Thanks again for visiting and please stop back soon.  Relationships are a never ending process with so many differing forms, together we can find ways to strengthen and help them grow..

Happy Mothers Day!!!!   To All Mothers out there in Cyber Land...  This day is your special day, but know you are celebrated everyday, because no where is there a greater gift that could be given, which can be only given by you...  "The Gift of Life"

Peace Y'all

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