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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Relationship Advise; The $85.00 Inbox Lesson

This post comes from the Land of "Been there and Done it", and lord did it bite me in the butt.  Relationship advise at times is best served up from experience, real life happenings, at least for me, which holds more value than psycho babble and this post definitely comes in from experience, as usual what I do more times than not is learn things the hard way.  I am kind of telling on myself here, but doing so, that hopefully someone else will read this and overt the mistake I made...

Now I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer at times and have made this mistake more than once, but I think now I have a handle on it and won't make it again.  The not so wonderful thing about Face Book In boxes and or Chats in any social media, is that the topics discussed, you can't tell voice inflection, the fact that the wonderful English language can be taken and translated in differing ways that can lead one completely away from what was intended and taken totally out of context.

Case in point, last week proving the adage "that one just can't fix stupid", I repeated a faux paux while being under the guise of a sound mind.  Well it was like this, I am having a great day feeling a little cocky and thinking myself to be witty, was in the middle of a Face Book In box with my lady and thought I would be cute.  Whether this was a Venus/Mars moment or one that semantical issues with the English language raising its ugly head I am not sure, but in my less than intelligent wit, I stated some things that left her thinking that I was talking to more than one person in the FB In box chat, another female to be exact, first mistake, this caused by being cutsie and intentionally calling her by the wrong name..   

Then by stating something that could be taken a couple of ways, one funny, my perception and one that could get you in hot water, the latter being how it was taken...  Can you say "In the Doghouse", as fast as it took you to read this, my southern extremity was in a sling..  Chat was over and she wasn't speaking to me..  To make matters worse she was at work, wouldn't respond to any of my texts and was there stewing over it for four hours, making her madder.  

Stewing wasn't left in her court alone, panic, remorse, had me in its grasp...   I wore out two pair of knee caps kicking myself in the rear and I did what any self respecting male would do when caught reaffirming idiot status, speed dial Flowers by Judy, ordering a dozen roses and pleading to have them be delivered before her office closed.  At 4:30 I was in her parking lot to make sure this mis-communication went no further, could eat crow, not prepared by Chef Willy mind you and hopefully straighten this whole mess out..

She came out at 4:35 and had one of those looks on her face women get when you leave the toilet seat up, thought I was dead meat.  But by the time she got to my Jeep, she couldn't fake it anymore and started to smile, the flowers worked...  Whew!!!  Still wanting to leave nothing to chance I apologized profusely, explained what I meant by what was written, and proclaimed my stupidity...  Humble pie was a recipe Chef Willy had shared with me and I served it up as the instructions read..

Moral of this story is, when in a chat or FB In box with your significant other, make sure clarity on what is said reigns supreme and if it doesn't, make sure minimal time is allowed for misconception to fester.  Clarity and being open is the best recipe for communication, keep that in mind and your relationship will always be on solid ground, and your wallet won't be light $85.00, to make crow more palatable.

Guys remember when hell is breaking loose, roses can save the day, also on a time of surprise for no other reason than to show her how much you care.  The latter we will save for another post, on another day.

Thanks for listening to my stupidity and please learn from my mistake..  Be smarter than I and thanks for visiting..  Please leave a comment on this post and give me your thoughts and ideas on how to try and get out of the doghouse when you personally insert one's foot, in one's mouth..  Please sign up for my RSS feed and if you would, share this post on your Twitter, Face book, Google+ walls..

This Sunday is starting to come to a close, my lady just showed up and we are going to catch the sunset on the Lake they call Ackerson, via canoe..  Till next time, smiles from your bud on the southern shore of Ackerson Lake..  

Peace Y'all

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