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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Relationship Advice: Social Media can Stave off a Cell Bermuda Triangle...

Once you establish and have a relationship, social media becomes another medium for communication.  I live in a rural section of south central Michigan and to be honest with you we have cell phone Bermuda Triangles out here in the country, dead zones that render the best cell phones totally useless.  When my lady friend is at her house she gets zero reception on her cell, she doesn't have a land line, so our main form of communication then becomes inbox chats on face book.  Life saver I am telling you...

I talk to her in the morning before we go to work via chat and in the evening if we are not together.  Its a great way to stay in touch, though there is the occasional set back on sometimes understanding what the other is meaning when things are stated in certain ways where multiple interpretations can be inferred and without being able to hear the others voice, context can be lost and misunderstandings arise.  But even with the downside of things having to be dealt with at times still a viable means of saying hey and staying in good contact.

I am currently trying to get a web cam hooked up on her computer, so Skype becomes a viable option, which eliminate the misunderstanding aspects of chats.  Communication, good communication can be and should be the foundation of a relationship, so Social Media, ie Face Book can be a very intricate part of the establishment of that foundation.

Well now that explains one communication plus for relationships on the romantic side of things.  But as I covered on my Mothers Day post, relationships come in many facets, friendships, family, co-workers and of course the romantic side of things.  I mentioned Skype earlier and getting a web cam set up for Sherie, what a fantastic medium..  

Well this will be great for she and I, but it is also so much more.  Her eldest son, daughter-in-law and only grand daughter live in Louisiana, her son is in the Air Force, grand daughter is 3 and grandma gets little spoiling time with her precious.  Sherie wants to see her grand daughter but distance puts a hamper on that to the regularity that she would like.  With face book, her son and daughter in law keep her updated with pics and videos, but just not the same.  Well with the web cam and Skype, grandma can see and talk with the young one who is the apple of grandma's eye and she can get some sense of bonding that the distance apart has had her at bay.

So guys if you want to score some points with your lady and they have loved ones some distance away, get a web cam for her and setup a Skype account or show her how to use the web cam and do a face book video chat and show her a 21st century marvel that definitely transcends distance.  Now Face book, you can only do a one on one chat, where as with Google + you can do a hangout with two or more and get a whole gang together on video chat online..  Either way giving her the ability to visually touch base with loved ones, this will put a sparkle in her eyes and she will love the gesture and thoughtfulness you have shown, a Venus/Mars bridge will have another plank in its construction, which guys, it is a good thing...

For Web Cams go down to your Best Buy, Walmart, Office Max, Office Depot, etc., they all have a great selection and their sales people can answer all your questions and help you chose one that would best suit your needs plus teach you how to use the basic functions.  Once you have a web cam installed, then go and upload the Skype software and setup an account...  Hey its free..  Way cool.  Then you are ready to go, your communication will be better, she will be happy, and if she is happy as the saying goes, so will you be..

Thanks for visiting friends, hope this gave you some ideas on how social media and the Internet for that matter can better enhance your communications in your romantic relationships, further strengthening your relationship foundation and the wonders, joy and connection it can give you to loved ones where distance presents a obstacle. 

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Peace Y'all

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