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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Social Media, The Beacons Light in Times of Trouble..

Though miles, states, even countries can separate, Social Media can bring so much to the table of ones life, especially in times of trial.  Once again one of those living it lessons, spawned by events on going..  

Case in point, last week I had major surgery, the ramifications of which were weighing heavy on my mind, because of the quality of life changes that might come to bear without a satisfactory outcome from the "Wizards" talents..  I have been having health issues for the past couple of months and I let it be known in general, health issues that is on Face Book.  When surgery came up last week there was a out pouring of prayers and support from friends and family on my fave social media, Face Book.

I am pretty strong person by alright's, but with all the additional support it gave me a inner strength to meet whatever the outcome..

The day of the surgery I had my better half, Sherie take some pre-op pics and made fun of myself of sorts with the wonderful hospital gown and cap I was so graciously ordered to wear, a fashion statement it was, total faux paux..  I looked totally "dorkie", at least more so that day than most..

I kidded with the nurses and doctors prior to surgery, even tried to dance on the gurney on my way to surgery.

When surgery was complete, Sherie got on face book and let everyone know I was okay, let them in on the dancing and joking part, even posted the pre-op pic...  Lots of comments were left, some snide, some joking, all filled with caring and concern.  The responses meant the world to me, it also helped my kids, who saw all the love and support their dad was getting from around the country and around the world.  It gave them a ease that everything was going to be okay.

Sherie found a ton of support and my friends around the country got a little insight on what a great lady I had, she was always by my side and my rock..  New friendships were founded by her also through all this and the use of Face Book.

At times we like to be closed mouthed on bad things that might be happening to ourselves, trying to deal with the negative things on our own.  Strength in numbers is a reality and a truism and this one event in my life gave total credence to that.  

Yesterday, the Wizard tested me and found the operation was a total success, I went on Face Book and shared the good news and received hundreds of responses of further support...  This was a huge bonding time with me and so many, people I have never met, just converse with on face book daily, weekly, monthly...  We have moments of time in each others lives through the Internet and so many came together to give me support in a dark hour.

I love it when the good in humanity comes shining through and this day and age of social media, a.k.a. face book, twitter, Google+, Linkdn, Pinterest and the likes, gives us the opportunity to reach out and make difference in each others lives.  It enables friendships to be born and grow, romance to flourish and expand, and lonely times to be put to rest, because there is always a voice to respond back from cyber space.

Opening up yourself to others can be a scary proposition at times, but to gain anything in life you are going to have to take chances, in this event in my life it proved to be...

Just What The Wizard Ordered...

Thanks for visiting friends, thank you again for all the prayers and support..  Take a moment each day and reach out and try and touch another's life, the rewards are priceless and the returns will be endless.  Social Media gives you the ability, use it, you will be amazed by the results and all the variety of relationships it will create.

Hope you liked this post, if so please share this on your social media, feel free to follow by signing up for our RSS feed, if we aren't friends yet on face book, send me a friend request or a follow on twitter, google+, Pinterest.  Leave comments or thoughts, always welcomed and encouraged..

Well in wrapping this up, let me leave you with Ackerson Lake smiles from your bud...  Have a great one until we meet again, here on the vastness of cyber space.  Peace Y'all

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