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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Social Media Faux Paux, Ex Relationship Pics and Comments

Well from the live and learn category we travel today, I love writing about things that crop up within my own relationship, that are mistakes I have made within the confines of Social Media, positively or adversely effecting my relationships.  Recently a certain Faux Paux was brought to my attention that kind of embarrassed me that I hadn't done something about it without being told.

I had left pic's up on my face book, in my photos, that were of ex-girlfriends of sorts with descriptions and or comments that were amorous in nature, that were hurting the feelings of the lady that I was seeing.  I was rather dumbfounded that they were there, I had honestly forgot about them.  I have nearly 400 pic's in my photo's section of face book and hadn't thought about pic's in there that might represent things, feelings etcetera that were now not accurate.

When informed and I had that deer in the head lights look on my face, I quickly got online and either deleted pic's or the remarks associated to them that could give the wrong impression.  I apologized profusely for the unintentional mistake and made a mental note to never let that happen again and was given a kiss and a hug for taking down things that made her feel uncomfortable..  So all ended well.

Moral of the story to glean from this is, when going into a new relationship take the others feelings into consideration about what content you still have out there in the land of social media, make adjustments or delete content that can leave questions about your true feelings towards them or what might be misconstrued by others that can cause hurt feelings or even confrontations, when it isn't necessary..

Live and Learn...  

Pearls I am passing onto you, so you might avoid pitfalls I have run into...

Thanks for visiting friends, take a moment each day and reach out and try and touch another's life, the rewards are priceless and the returns will be endless.  Social Media gives you the ability, use it, you will be amazed by the results and all the variety of relationships it will create.

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Well in wrapping this up, let me leave you with Ackerson Lake smiles from your bud...  Have a great one until we meet again, here on the vastness of cyber space.  

Peace Y'all

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